Cni3 - Gynaecologist said hysterectomy is best

Hi everyone, 

  • I had finally my colposcopy appointment yesterday and gynaecologist cleared said hysterectomy in my case is best because I had 2 treatment to cure my abnormal cells ( CIN3 ) and the treatment didn't work and also is no more cervix left ( he didn even took a biopsy) .He will refer myself to Saint Thomas's hospital as he said maybe the they will be willing to try another treatment before an hysterectomy 


I had 2 lettz treatment .... 



Sorry to hear about ur news. How are u feeling about it?

I had mine 2 weeks ago and amin the recovery stage... im lucky enough to have a beautiful daughter so was ok to have the hysterectomy to get rid of this horrible disease. Any questions you have, ask away! Everyone is so helpful on here. Also look through past posts and the old forum posts.

Xxx dons   II

Hi Dons,

Thanks for your reply. I'm so much better now! I was actually getting "insane", any spare time I had I spent in the iPad! Wasn't eating properly because done so much research and saw that sugar, processed food, etc .. Could help tha abnormal cells to develop fast into cancer .. so decided to avoid all that I could! Luckely my mum, sister and husband got together and took me out of this little world that only last 3 days but was depressing enough! I've got 2 little boys (17 month and 4 years ) that is my passion! After all the worry I caused into those that I love realised I wasn't doing any good for them or me ... 

I've spoke to helpful people that had a bit more knowledge than me, also called my cousin ( GP in Brasil ) and got all my questions answered! I was glad to hear that the HPV virus has only come back after hysterectomy in the vagina (VAIN) on 7% of the ladies and decided to concentrate in been happy doing my hysterectomy right now and no trying to think too much in the virus developing  back, ( even tough I was the unlucky 2% ) , decided to think that noone wins the lottery twice! 

How are you feeling after your hysterectomy? Are you recovering well? I hope you all the best and a speedy recovery! :) 

Love, Leah


I'm so glad ur feeling a bit better. I can remember when I was diagnosed I thought it was the end, that I was stage 4, was going to die and leave my beautiful daughter without a mum. The depression is amazing for that first week or so, so sad, couldn't sleep, up all night on the iPad, trying to find out anything I could. Then pulled myself together. Can spend so much time worrying that gonna die that actually forget to live. It was strange, I was ok right until my op after that. It wasn't until few days ago when got my results that I felt really miserable again.  

Im doing ok, decided against radiotherapy and just concentrate on getting well at moment. Am so so tired and still swollen and achy. Weather isn't helping as can't get out for fresh air and walks. Still early days, as everyone keeps telling me. But fed up and bit low at times.

what possible details do u have of an op and any kind of date so far? Hope all gets sorted as soon as possible. 

Keep urself busy with those 2 little ones of urs!!!

xxx dons

I'm really that your margins wasn't completely clear! So sorry can't help with advice towards Radiotherapy or not, etc.. Is seems I learn as I need :(  wish I had more time to do my researches .... what is the next steP Dr told you?


I'm sure it's really hard times ... go trough operation and recovery but try to keep up! As the weather is awful try to think about things that you really enjoy, movies, telly, etc... I've watch all the series of " Desperate Housewives ", I used to love it ... So when my time comes I probably gonna get all my series and watch all over again! If you haven't watch yet definitely worth giving a try .. Just think that you already made the op, you're getting better, unfortunately is step by step ... Gonna all worth it! :) 


In my case .. I'm waiting for this appointment and saint Thomas as I think is important an second opinion but can't wait to book this hys opEration as soon as possible because all I can think about it is my abnormal cells must be going trough the deep layer of the cervix now ... as is the next thing to do after been CIN3 ... I'm speaking with my colposcopy clinic on Monday because I want all my results, want to check if they ever made a HPV test on me, etc ...


As I've seen many saying here ... I'm on the wait game! :(