CN3 Result

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice please. 

I had a colcoscopy at the weekend following a recent pos. smear test and my gynae says I have CN3.  I had a negative smear test 2 yrs ago but prior to that I was having annual smears which were all neg. following LEEP in approx. 2004.

Dr. has recommended 'surgery' and biopsy but has informed me that it cannot be done here in the UAE where I live.  I need to explore the reasons for this further and I am due to go back next week.  There are lots of obs/gynaes in the UAE and lots of modern hospitals, so I can't understand why I can't get treatment unless there is really something wrong and she hasn't shared this!  If I can't find anybody then I will have to come home for the treatment.   

Who is qualified to perform this surgery i.e. what profession/quals etc. do they need? I can then try and find somebody in the UAE.

Is it common to have had LEEP so long ago followed by neg. smears tests and then to be CN3?

Is it possible for severe CN3 to be just pre-cancerous or is this unlikely? Wouldn't my Dr. have seen something more serious?

Where are the best hospitals/areas for treatement in the UK and are the waiting lists long even for more urgent surgeries?

Thank you in advance for any support...

Also want to say that this website is AWESOME and that everyone on here is an inspiration Kiss well done all the best to all of you x


Hi there, I can't answer all your questions but I am living overseas as well and the protocol for me was slightly different than the girls in the UK because medical protocols tend to be governed by individual countries. In saying that differences are usually slight as good practice is good practice. So for me....after a CIN3 smear result I was immediately referred to a very specialist Consultant who specialised in : Gynaecologic Oncolgy, Colposcopy, Laproscopic Surgery, Complex General Gynaecologic Surgery. This Consultant began with a Colposcopy and biopsy then booked me in for a cone biopsy under general anaesthetic. Unfortunately for me I was found to have early stage cc so then he booked me in for a hysterectomy ( last December). Once referred from my GP I have dealt only with this same highly qualified specialist. I also know that in the city I live in there are presently only 3 Gynae Oncologists and that they are the ones who see all the CIN 3 women. Of course there are heaps of regular Gynaes. I know things are different in the UK and you get passed on from person to person for procedures or resullts and specialist Consultants ( such as mine) often work alonside regular Gynaes when and where needed. So...I 'm wondering if your doctor in the UAE is thinking you need to follow the Australian model ie you need now to see a very specialised Gynae rather than the UK model. .?? This might explain why he says you can't get treatment in the UAE because he knows that there are lots of regular Gynaes but no Gynae Specialists. I also wanted to say that it's highly possible (and likely) that your CIN3 is CIN 3. I was unfortunately one of the unlucky ones in the minority. Hope this helps a bit and that you get some guidance from the UK girls if you are looking to get treatment there.



Hi Stargazing, thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative and positive reply.  What you have shared makes so much sense and very much relates to this region.  It seems that there is a disconnect between the various different private companies/hospitals resulting in a lack of understanding about who/where the experts are.  I am still waiting for my Doctor to refer me and for my medical reports since my colposcopy on Sat.  I will need the reports should I find a suitable specialist.  In the meantime I've been using my network/resources to try and find somebody suitable and your message has certainly helped me to to this.  It appears that there is only one Gynae Oncologist in the UAE but at least there is one!  There are also many 'specialist ob/gynaes' listed although I'm not sure if they are actually 'specialists' or not. At the moment I am struggling to get any recommendations etc. from anybody here but working hard to find them - good and bad. I'm sure that if I travelled home it would just prolong the treatment so I am keen to give it a go here.  Also, my Husband and children are here, so it would be even worse if I was away from them.  As I've read on here its the waiting and lack of control of the situation that's the worst part so I'm trying to stay focused (with the odd wobble)! Hoping I'll deal with whatever is thrown at me as this journey develops....  I am sorry that you were one of the unlucky ones and I am glad that you are receiving the very best treatment.  Thanks again for your support - it really has made a huge difference x   

Well I have now been referred by my specialist obst/gynae to a qynae/oncologist at a Government hospital.  So I am a bit shocked but also relieved that I will be seeing a specialist and that he is in the UAE.  Least I'm not in limbo and I'm hoping to get an appt. next week.  Saw the pics on my colposcopy report and they look absolutely awful and I can see why she wanted me to get surgery at the earliest YUK!!! So bit of a wait til the appointment and busy gathering all my previous medical history from here and back home so I'm fully equipped for my consultation. 

In the meantime I hereby declare that I am going to (try my best) to be well hard!!!!Laughing

Hi there, I am so pleased you are able to stay in tthe UAE close to your family. You will be in good hands with a Gynae Oncologist. Although I understand how scarey a title like that is. When I was referred by my GP I remember the utter shock when I read his name on the door under the title “Gynaelogical Oncology”. All I could see was the word oncology. The truth of the matter was he sees lots of patients without cancer but reading that word was very confronting. Please know there are loads of amazing women on this site and that although you are in the UAE you aren’t alone. We are here and happy to help where we can, listen and identify with treatment, emotions and feelings ( both good and bad). It is a great idea to gather up all your records and it is good that you hope to get an appointment sooner rather than later. My tips : try to make a list of questions you want to raise before you go ( nerves and emotions often kick in and you can forget to ask all the things that have been racing through your mind) and I don’t know if it’s possible but if your husband could go with you it might help. I know that by taking mine along with me really helped not only in the support role but also in the listening role. There was surprisingly a lot of things I just didn’t take in…at the time I was a complete nervous wreck and when you are not nice and calm but stressed to the eyeballs and your brain is shooting off in all sorts of directions you can miss things that are said.
Keep us posted on how you go.
Stay strong and good luck with the appointment. Stargazing xxx