Clueless first time colposcopy

Hi ladies

I was wondering if you could help me. I had my first colposcopy about two and a half weeks ago having found a wart, had a smear and some abnormal cells were found, alongside the HPV. At the colposcopy I was told that nothing was found on my cervix, so I had to have a biopsy. Is this the same as the lletz I have read about? 

I have had more discharge than usual these past few days, which I have found to be quite smelly and embarrassing! I am due my period within the next few days and found the discharge a little blood stained this morning, however I don't know if this discharge is normal and my period is arriving, or if I have an infection. How do I know the difference between the normal discharge that others have written about and discharge that indicates an infection??

Also, I know the advice states that I should not do any strenuous exercise for the next few weeks, but I've been off it a while now and would really like to get active again. Do you think a small bit of weights exercise (8kgs & some body weight training) would come into that, if I avoid my usual rigorous cardio routine?

I would really appreciate any advice you could provide! I'm feeling pretty clueless with not much family around to talk to. 



Hi Grainne (sorry, couldn't find the proper accent for your a!)

Hope I can help, having done quite a bit of research since I had an abnormal smear and subsequent colposcopy. The biopsies are not the same as LLETZ. LLETZ is what they do to remove areas of moderately to severely abnormal cells, which is what I will be in for next (oh joy). Biopsies are a little sample of tissue that they can analyse in the lab to get a more definitive answer on the level of abnormalities present.

So if you had biopsies, you've had the same as me. I had some discharge for a couple of weeks after mine, but it was not smelly. The general rule seems to be that if it starts smelling offensive, get yourself down to the doctor's as you've probably got an infection and might need antibiotics to shift it.

Re exercise, particularly if you want to do weights, I think the answer will be try it and you'll know pretty quick. I could feel a little twinge if I lifted anything heavy for probably a couple of weeks after my biopsies, but after that I was back lugging my big old motorbike around without any trouble. Probably best is try a few exercises, if you feel anything still a bit twingey inside, leave it another week to give it a chance to heal fully. I don't know whether potentially having an infection would increase the healing time, as I was lucky not to suffer from that.

Hope that helps, and feel free to message me if there's anything you want to ask