Clots two weeks after LLETZ

Hi everyone.
I had my LLETZ two weeks ago tomorrow and for the first week I had no bleeding at all. Then the constant ‘leaking’ started with the watery pinky/brown discharge lots of you have described in other threads. Today it seems to have changed again and I’m bleeding slightly more heavily with some small clots and lower back pain, like you would have with a period except I don’t have periods because of the contraceptive pill I’m on.
I’m certain that after the procedure the nurse told me that I shouldn’t be seeing any clots, but I was still jittery from the local anaesthetic and quite keen to get out of there and I can’t remember or find any details when I do a search!
I’m still not bleeding particularly heavily, but the appearance of clots and back pain has me slightly alarmed. Has anyone else had this?

Hi there
Sorry to hear about your clots… it is a worrying time… I had bleeding of all sorts including clots up to 4weeks post op with severe back pain starting the 2 wk mark… if in doubt, do not hesitate to call your gp and they will advise even just on phone consultation. I was prescribed codeine and antibiotics… We all heal differently so definitely listen to your body and seek your gp’s help…