Clomid :)

Hey, Not been on here since 2009 when i was diagnosed and treated. I had a Trachelectomy and all has been clear since. I am now however stuggling to conceive, I have been to see my consultant who is amazing, and she has started me on Clomid, as apparently my levels for ovulating were showing no signs. Supposed to 21 and mine was 2.1 so 10%. I am wondering if anyone else has had the Clomid and had success? I am dreading the side effects of moodiness but i have pre-warned my partner and family to bear with me if i get a bit cranky haha! Looking forwad to seeing what results i get from it, i start it on my next period so in a couple of weeks! fingers crossed! :) The other issue is my anatomy from having the Trachelectomy and endometriosis, scar tissue from the op has kinda closed up the entry into my womb so I wonder if the swimmers can even get there but hey ho apparently they are healthy and fast so we shall see ha! 

It would be nice to hear from anyone else who has tried this and their experience.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo Wishing u lots of luck. I have been trying since March 2014, I had a radical trachelectomy in 2012and have been under the fertility team since June this year. I have had bloods scans and also a laparoscopy I'm due to go back the the fertility Dr in October and wondering if this will be my next step. Please let me know how u get on. Wishing u lots of luck x

Hi Jo1983

I had Adapted Trachelectomy in 2013. I have been strugling to conceive since, too. I also have other fertility issues and complications with anatomy. I am currently on my second month of Clomid. So as that suggests, it didn't work for me the first month, but i am trying to stay positive. Just wanted to let you know that I didn't have any side effects at all (and I hope my husband would agree :D). The first month I took them in the evening - because I read about the horrible side effects and some people said that they are not as bad if you take the dose at night. All I would say is that I felt a bit nauseous the first few days, but that's all. So then I decided to take the second month in the morning, as that suited me better and I wasn't as scared the second time, and I can honestly say I've been fine. So basically what I am trying to say is that we are all different and not everyone get's side effects. So please don't dread it, as you might be worrying for nothing.

Wishing you and your husband the best of luck xxx

I know this is an older thread but wanted to say, I was diagnosed with pcos when we were trying to conceive our second child.  The first round made me ovulate but I didn't get pregnant.  

Second round worked and our son is now two. 

I also took it at night and only sideeffect I had was hot flushes.  I hope you got a positive pregnancy test already. Oh and if not have you asked about adding iui