Clinical trial - Simple vs Radical hysterectomy

Has anyone been offered chance to take part in this clinical trial?  If so, how have you been post surgery? 

I have been offered a chance to take part in a study where they don't do surgery...just potentially a repeat cone with close monitoring. I do not think I'm interested. I asked if I could get a simple hysyerectomy with the lymph node check and was told no. :( I'm pretty bummed, I would have taken the simple hysterectomy option. The "watch and see" approach is less appealing.  Can I ask what stage you are? I am a 1a2.

Hi yellow submarine,

im experiencing the "watch and see" treatment. To cut a long story short I have 2 positive lymph nodes, this is after having a radical hysterectomy. Had a PET scan on 12th July to confirm the involvement and 1 week later the surgeon said that I would need chemo/rads.  Yesterday I had meeting with oncologist and she said that they don't want to give me chemo/rads and to wait for 3 months and do another scan. 

I'm now confused, and whilst I'm delighted, I also feel like i have a cloud hanging over my head.

are you the same?


Hi I'm 1b1. Still haven't made a decision as to whether to go for the randomised trial or not.