Clexane injections anyone?

Hi all

I’ve finally finished treatment. The brachy wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. I had a delay of a couple f weeks after reacting to something - maybe chemo, rads or a blood transfusion, the jury is still out! Still, I made it to brachy in the end and can only hope the delay isn’t an issue. Because my brachy was as an in patient and I was laid flat on my back, immobile for 3 days, plus the pelvic ‘intrusion’ I now have clexane blood thinning injections daily for 4 weeks to prevent blood clots. Has anyone else had to do these? I’m too squeamish, so my sister comes every day. It’s a tiny injection in the stomach just under the skin and so far (I’m 2 weeks in) had been easy and largely painless. However, today’s injection didn’t go in easily (I guess the skin is getting tougher) and I had a slight bubble of blood at the injection site, followed by a painful swollen lump and bruise. The GP via the phone has said its a trauma because the injection didn’t go in smoothly and will sort itself in a couple of weeks. All well and good, but I have another 2 weeks of injections and don’t fancy the same happening tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips? My sister feels dreadful, but as we are now into the weekend I can’t visit the nurse at the surgery to get tomorrow’s done (or check technique/get advice) so will need her to do it again.

Anne xx

Hi Anne,

Yes I had these after my RH as is the norm. Are you changing the injection site each time as that helps to minimise the skin getting sore or thicker. take a look at some of the do's and dont's in the link I found as they might be helpful. Good luck with it. I did mine just before eating supper to get it over and done with so I could enjoy my meal! You are more than half way through so "onwards and upwards"

Thanks Rachel. I am alternating sides, but I lost a fair amount of weight during treTment and I'm finding it difficult to find places where I can pinch enough skin. My abdomen also still feels a bit sore from the external rads, which probably effected my skin. Hey ho, like you say I'm half way through them and at least they'll be done before Christmas Eve. I'll see how me and my sister get on with them over the weekend and if it's still problematic I'll see about getting the surgery nurse to do them during the week to see if she has a trick or two. Good for you doing them yourself! I'd like to have the control, but as soon as I take one out of the packet I feel dizzy - such a wuss! 

Anne xx

This reply is probably a bit late, but the injections don't have to go in your stomach, you can put them in your thigh if your stomach is becoming a bit sore.