Cleared HPV in one year

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a positive story. I was diagnosed with HPV (no abnormal cells) last year and was in complete panic googling everything and thinking of every worse case scenario and how I was going to deal with it. I was convinced it would get worse over 12 months and that this time I’d have abnormal cells.

Just had my smear results after 12 months since previous test and I’m all clear. HPV has gone! I did use Turkey tail mushroom as lots of studies have suggested it can help clear the virus. Also started taking vitamin b12 and folate.

I’m aware that the virus is now dormant and may return but for the next few years I can at least relax a bit. I’m going to continue taking Turkey tail and other supplements as they are good for your immune system, so if it does return I’ll at least be at my healthiest to fight it again.

Good news :clap:t5:I’ve just been diagnosed with HPV myself for retest in 12 months …which supplement of virB12 and folate did u take ?thanks