Clear smear, ectropion, and cervical abnormalities

I had my second smear test in June which came back fine. I then experienced a lot of bleeding during intercourse, and after a lot of hassling my GP was referred for a colposcopy. The colposcopist said I had an ectropion but definitely couldn’t treat me there and then as there were some abnormalities in my cervix. They then took a biopsy and I’m awaiting the results now.

The word ‘abnormalities’ seems so vague and scary. I can’t help but jump to the worst conclusions in my head. I’m not usually an anxious person but I’m sick with stress. It’s been 2 and a half weeks since my biopsy, feel completely left in the dark and unsure of what to do with myself.

I had a friable endocervical polyploid mass. Awaiting biopsy result and possible Lletz. I think for me it’s the biopsy that will decide what they will do next, although they need to get rid of mass anyway. Good luck X

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Dear Chloe,

So sorry you are in such a place of worry - sadly, this is normal! Anything that has even the sniff of cancer can send you into a panic, and the waiting times for feedback from procedures and biopsies can seem like forever…. You are right, the word ‘abnormalities’ is so vague and could cover ANYTHING, which is why of course it’s used - because they don’t need to commit themselves to anything in particular - but also frustrating. ‘Other things’ is another common phrase which is totally unhelpful and scary at the same time.

Try not to worry too much. If you have an ectropion that’s likely to be the cause of the bleeding, and they will sort it out. Important for you that the consultant knows everything about the state of the area before any surgical intervention, hence the biopsy. This is to make sure nothing is missed, and the best thing is done for you. I hope you get your results soon - statistically it’s likely to be unrelated to cancer - we on here are the ‘unlucky few’. Xxxx


Good luck to you too, hopefully everything gets moving for you quickly. Xx

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your supportive words! It’s a scary balance to be left in, but hopefully everything comes back sooner rather than later and I can move forward with a plan, rather than the anxiety of not knowing what is going on really. Thanks again xxx