Clear smear but still symptoms

Hi all 

it all started back in january 15 with smelly discharge and bleeding some times after sex the discharge got worse to the point of changing my pad about 6 times a day then in March April time the pain in my pelvic area started I put all this down to training for my first marathon and just got on with it! Well first week in April came and I starred to bleed more and more losing count of when I actual period was so I went to the doc and she did a smear there and then ( might I add my last smear was jan 11 ) so I was over due one :( my bad!!! She gave me antiboics and sent me on my way ....Smear come back inconclusive so I went back to doctors and they said id have to wait till July to have another one , inbetween all this I'm still bleeding and now my pain is traveling to my back and thighs to the point I'm taking pain killers so I end up going up A&E in June becoz of the pain they done test and said it might be PID so another load of antiboics!!! I'm getting very peed off by this stage and no one seems to be taking me seriously so I book an oppointment with gp and have my coil taken as doc up hospital said it Mayb that?! 

Well its 3 weeks after having my coil I have my smear and that was normal , still having all symptons and now feeling very very tired :( 

I've been tested for STI had now 3 lots of antibiotics and I'm still no better off it's getting worse not better I'm so scared 

The doctor refered me to gyno on 19th may as I pushed for it and now I've got it on 22 nd July 


any advice you be great xx

sorry for all your struggles. It could be a number of things, already ruled out PID. But things like fibroids, endometriosi, polycystic ovaries the list goes on. Maybe ask your GP For a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound scan, or a referral to Gynae?

i hope it all gets better soon xxx

Hi SammieScarlett 


thank you for your reply :) 

I've already had a pelvic scan done sorry I forgot to add that :( it was all clear too! I really just want to get to the bottom of this and get my life back together. It's doesn't help as my dad has just had a brain tumour removed as his cancer came back after 3 yeara of being clear!! Just plays with your head and feel like I can't move forward unless I get some real answers. I have gyno on 22nd July please god they have some answers 


thanks again xxx

Hi peaches81 how did you get on with your gynae app?