Clear margins?

Hi all 

Im new to the site just had a quick question, following my Loop procedure in July it showed CIN 3 people have asked me if they had clear margins? My letter states: 'Hopefully we have removed the abnormality, book in for a smear with your GP in 6 months' does this mean they didn't have clear margins? Should I be worried? My smear is due in Jan - cant wait just really want the all clear now!


Many Thanks

Wow, that seems a strange way to put it. The letter I got said that even though the abnormality extended to the edge of the margins, which I took to mean they were not clear, I was almost certainly completely cured, as the effects of the LLETZ extend further. You'd think your letter would be more reassuring. "Hopefully" doesn't instill much faith at all, does it?


Having said that, if they thought there was a problem, they would have had you back sooner than 6 months. The normal wait for a follow up is about 6 months, because if they do it any sooner, the healing tissue can skew and smear test results. When I asked my GP about having to wait that long (I wanted to be 100% completely cured, not "almost" certainly), she reassured me that even if they hadn't gotten everything, it would not matter if I had to wait 12 months as cervical cancer is very slow growing. I had a total hysterectomy a couple of months later for other reasons, and it turned out the letter was right. No sign of any abnormality was found on or in my cervix once it was removed.


If you are really worried, you could ring the place you got your colposcopy done and ask for a copy of your pathology report. Or if things work the same as the do over here, your GP would have been sent a copy, so you could go ask them for a copy. That should have all the details, though they can be hard to interpret. You have a right to know exactly what's going on, so don't be afraid to ask and ask until you get the answers you need.

Thanks for your reply. My GP only has a copy of the letter sent to me but they have said my 6 month smear will detect any cells not removed by the LOOP. Only 4 weeks left to smear so hopefully will finally be reassured soon.