Clear margins - how many mm?

Hi all, 



I finally had a call from the hospital, 4 weeks after radical trachelectomy - all clear! However they said that my margins are close (3.5 mm) and when i have a meeting with them on the 19th of august they will offer me additional simple surgery to take out 2mm more. 


While I'm waiting for this meeting I wonder - why only 5mm? How many mm of clear margins you had? Should I ask for more if it will help to avoid recurrence?

Hi Hon. I too are confused about margins...I had a hysterectomy and they said they were looking for margins of at least 6mm. My smallest margin was 12mm and largest was 3.5 cm! I still needed radio after as I had lvsi...

My consultant said at least 1cm !   very confusing 

I have no idea with mm, I was told in clinic 3 weeks ago that I was clear and to be reviewed in 3 months. I've just got home to a letter saying my margins are close with the presence of CIN 3. I now don't feel as 'clear' as I thought I was. But I've no measurements for my close margins- and assume the if I still have CIN 3 that I'm likely to need more treatment? Anyone experience this?


March 15 abnormal smear


April 15- colposcopy


May 15 -  lletz - diagnosed 1b1


July 15- cone biopsy, lymph node dissection


July 15- clear or is it?