Clear liquid diet help

Radical hysterectomy in 4 days. Starting to feel sick and nervous. I have to go on low residue diet tomorrow and Wednesday. Thursday clear liquid diet only. What did everyone else who’s had to do this drink please? It says to ensure I get enough calories for the day. Am I allowed herbal tea?

@Pookey you can drink clear liquids like water & I’m pretty sure you’re allowed tea or coffee as long as you don’t add milk (unless fasting rules have changed in the last few years). I would think herbal tea is absolutely fine but if you ring the secretary ahead of your appointment & ask she’ll be able to confirm.

Hiya, i just realised you had asked me about this in another post and i didnt teply sorry. I didnt have to do that at all so sorry i cant help. Maybe its different in my area. Sending hugs aas i know how it can be on the lead up to the op day xx

Hi Pookey

I had to do a clear liquid diet for a day, as part of my prep for a colonoscopy:

The day before the test
Only have clear fluids. These could include: fruit
squash, fizzy drinks or tea and coffee (without milk). Bovril or clear soup
(watery without bits in it). To keep your strength up sugary drinks such as
Lucozade provide energy. Any sugar based sweets e.g. Jelly Babies, Fruit
pastels, Wine gums, Foxes Glacier Fruits and mints, Polo’s. Jellies and
dextrose tablets may also be taken.


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Thanks ladies. Doesn’t seem many people have to do the low residue and clear liquid diet. The worst is taking senna tablets! Apparently the reason behind it is better for surgery and less likely to have gas and constipation after surgery. We shall see. Real nervous now surgery tomorrow. How are you ladies doing now?

@Pookey sending you hugs & best wishes for tomorrow. Surgery is a positive thing, it’s giving you the best chance of beating this plus every day following the surgery you’ll feel a bit stronger in your recovery. Let us know how you get on. x

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