Clear colposcopy?!

Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

Ongoing pelvic pain but always had normal smears. Potential endometriosis. Clear laparoscopy 4 years ago however endo not ruled out as it could be a tiny piece of tissue causing issues.

Jan 19 smear with borderline changes.

May 19 gynae plan to fit mirena and monitor for 3 months before further laparoscopy.

June 19 repeat smear.

End July 19 phone call to attend colposcopy appointment (no letter from hospital)

Aug 19 colposcopy appointment. Told moderate/severe dyskaryosis. Colposcopy appears clear. 3 punch biopsies taken. Told any treatment will need be carried out under GA. 


I'm so confused. Borderline changes to moderate/severe in 6 months and then a clear colposcopy. It's going to be a long 8 week wait for results! Anyone have any similar experience?

All advice welcome. Feeling a huge mixture of emotions and suffering sleepless nights!