Clear colposcopy - severe dyskaryosis on smear?

Hello Everyone. I’m new to this forum and in desperate need to speak to someone but as its bank holiday weekend I’m going out of my mind.
I’ve been having colposcopy wa since 2013. In 2015 , my smear results showed mild dyskaryosis. I talked to docs and they advised to have colposcopy after birth, as mild can take years to change etc. Fast forward to end of March this year I was 12 weeks postpartum, returned for colposcopy and again, she said everything looked totally normal (this was a huge huge weight lifter as since birth I’ve had major anxiety about it, referred for counselling as a result as I was convinced the cervical pain I’ve been experiencing meant something was wrong)
She did a smear anyway but said she would be very surprised if anything unusual came back. So I went away feeling great.

I then received yesterday (Saturday of the bank holiday weekend) a letter to say that the smear has high grade dyskaryosis and I need to come in for treatment. I am shocked and confused why they would send such a terrifying letter without phoning, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to speak with anyone until Tuesday… I’m terrified that I will die and leave my baby girl.

I have a number of things playing in my mind and would really find comfort if someone else could help me on these?

  1. Has this happened to anyone else - totally normal colposcopy and then bad smear results? If I had been to doc for smear, then I would’ve been sent for colposcopy which would have brought all clear results again??

  2. How could the cells have gone from mild to severe in 12 months (or is it possible that pregnancy / breastfeeding has sped this up)

  3. I’ve not had symptoms of cervical cancer as such but since giving birth my cervix has felt incredibly tender, shooting pains and pain noticed after bowel movements.

  4. Does this likely mean the bad cells are higher up in the cervix? And therefore is the treatment any different.

  5. How soon after any treatment can you try for a baby? (This was our plan and I’m now shattered all over again by this

Sorry for such a long post - these things are going round in my mind and I can’t speak to anyone until Tuesday (even this helpline)


I have had something similar and i am also confused! This is my journey so far

April 2015- LGSIL

April 2016- HGSIL

May 2016- clear colposcopy + another papsmear showing HGSIL

I just had a cone biopsy done yesterday and waiting for results next week

how are you going? Have you been able to speak to anyone?

Hi. I had lletz done a week ago.  They assured me it was nothing to worry about - but how can they tell me that??  I am now waiting the dreaded biopsy results. I'm so scared its higher up and they've missed it or something for years. 


I I feel every time they have told me it's clear, then the results have come back worrying... So of course now I can't stop worrying and fear the worst! and they said a six week wait for results! How long for your results?