clear colposcopy after abnormal smear

Hello. So after three years of abnormal smears, five colposcopies and three treatments, I was convinced the consultant was going to talk about a hysterectomy today at my appointment. He said he was very surprised by my result of mild dyskariosis as the cone biopsy had not revealed any bad cell in the canal and my worst result had been cin2. He said his hunch was that it was a false positive and as for the HPV plus result, that was the case sometimes. The colposcopy was clear and I have been discharged and put back to the three yearly checks. I am rather stunned and alternating between utter jubilation and fear of a mistake. What do you ladies think? Thinking of all of you who are facing tough fights. Xxx

Hello Oldhand,

I can understand your mixed feelings at the moment. As I've had abnormal smears for several years myself I can understand it would be strange (but wonderful) to be told I was being returned to routine screening - although I think I'd pay to have a private smear done annually for peace of mind.

One question I'd have is whether the doctor took any sample to biopsy before discharging you, or whether they went by sight alone? Reason for the question (and I certainly don't want to worry you) is that I've had 3 coloposcopies where things have looked normal and the doctor has taken a sample from the transformation zone anyway (the area where changes are most likely to occur). On each of those occasions the samples have come back with abnormalities. This may be my body being a bit strange and I'm not suggesting it would happen to anyone else, but because I know that just looking doesn't always give the full picture, I think if I were you I'd maybe ask for a second opinion.

If the doctor was basing their comments on a colposcopy sample then that's great news. I really hope that is the case for you and everything is ok now, and wish you all the best x

Thanks. No, he didn’t take any sample. He took a good look and also used the results of the cone biopsy from end of Dec. I’ve been thinking about a second opinion. And certainly will pay to get annual smears. I’m waiting for all the paperwork to come back so I can bring my file somewhere else.