Cisplatin stopped

Hi guys...a little update and also having a moment of panic/fear! I had a radical hyst in August for 1B and was told afterwards I needed chemorads as a precaution against it coming back, which I was fine about. Started thregime on 6th October. Radio has been fine, no adverse effects as yet. I had my first dose of cisplatin and reacted really badly to it...severe nausea which they could not get under control and which has only just gone. I also had difficulty swallowing, numbness down my throat, hands and legs, I became deaf and had psychedelic hallucinations for 6 days after with the inability to strinto two words together! I was on anti-psychotic medications which did not work. I am so worried that my chances of beating it have reduced, even thougtethered was no node involvement. I am just so scared! 


Much love to you all xxx

You poor poor thing. What a truly awful experience. I am so sorry that you had to go through it.

it sounds as though your surgery may have been considered enough treatment, and you have also had the radio, so your chances are looking veery good, I'd have thought. Is there another type of chemo that could be tried, or do they think you would react in the same way?

bigs hugs honey, Molly xxxxx

They haven't mentioned any other chemo as it's the radio apparently that does the business! After my op, the MDT were hung...some in favour of radio, others not. It was due to my tumour being 5cm with a scrap of LVSI. I wanted to do whatever was necessary to get rid for good. I recovered really quickly from the op, back to normal after 6 weeks so hoping I will be the same after the radio. 

Good luck with the rest of the radio, seems like that will be enough, and think the chemo would def do more harm than good. Others on here are all clear without even having the radio, so try not to worry.

Molly xxx

Oh Helsweld you poor darling!

That must have been frightful! I am so sorry. I'm glad to hear that you recovered so quickly from the surgery, that must show you are a robust person. I hope you continue OK with the radiotherapy and that it does the business for you.

(((Huge hugs)))