Cisplatin- hair loss??

Lol! Yes, I told the nurse that I probably wouldn't need the meds! My lletz was my first time in hospital too. In at the deep end.

lets all look forward to improved health by the new year.

Molly xxx

Hi Sophie & Mollz

As Sophie knows, I am another Coventry lady! Will you be having your op there too Mollz?  They are a lovely team there, I hope you get your date very soon.

Will you be going to Leicester for your treatment Sophie?  Wishing you lots of love & luck for Monday, will be thinking of you.

Keep us posted on how you both get on.



Hi Cheryl, that makes me feel SO much better! It's good to know about others' good experiences. Well, you know what I mean! They are so busy at coventry that they're having to organise extra surgeries. :-(

Molly xx

I have been in four different hospitals so far, since this began in august!

Hey, Yep I've been transferred back to Cov for treatment, as leics was too far to go each day for  5weeks!! Will let you know how it goes. Start with chemo, 9am monday! Xx

Might see you there! Xx

Hi Girls

It was very busy when I was there too but they always have time for you.  They are a very caring team, the Macmillan nurses there are wonderful and the surgical team is amazing.  You are in very good hands!



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