cisplatin and topatecan regime

Hi folk's,  ive just been told my lovely gremlin is back.  Been offered topatecan and cisplatin and possible radiotherapy as well. Anybody have any exsperience of this treatment or mor importantly its side effects.

Hi Hun,

i have no experience or advice I'm afraid.

Just wanted to send my well wishes & I'm sorry to hear your news. 

Keep us all posted in how your getting on.

Big hugs



Hello Annabelle, I don't know what treatment you had first time around or if this is different to it but I have had the cisplatin & paclitaxel chemo treatment, 6 cycles followed by 25 sessions radiotherapy.

Side effect of this as you may well know are sickness hair loss, dry skin, mouth ulcers to name a few.  

Side effects of radiotherapy can be diarrhoea mainly, and this can go on for some time after treatment ends. I have to say I kept reasonably well throughout treatment, chemo was the hardest as I had nausea for about 10 days after each cycle but was only physically sick after the last session. 

Everybody's experience is slightly different, therefore it's hard to say what side effects you will have.

If you've any questions, just ask.



hi annabelle, stay positive and you will get sorted again. is this a new regime or had you a different drug last time?x


Thank you for words of support.  This will ne my 3rd treatment. Ive already has cisplatin x5 with 25 radiotherapy sessions. 2 years later 6 sessions of carbotaxil. Now 6 mtjs on it the gremlin has appeared in my lym nodes.  So I ive been offered cisplatin with toptecan and maybe radiotherapy as well. There seems to  be various ways to administer the topetecan, I also see its not been around that long so not much  data on it.

Hi annebell65,

I am so sorry to hear you have to have more treatment.

I am now in the middle of 7wks chemoradiation thearpy with cisplatin.

The main problem been digestive!!I have been given lots of meds and seem to be on the top of it,although as the weeks go past I am getting tired.

I am still able to look after myself but findng it hard to walk the dog.Undecided

If you need to know anything please feel free to ask.Takecare Rebecca X

i was trying to find out more on this combination of drugs for you but cant find much as you say its relatively new but it does seem to be well recommended for recurrence treatment! it must be really difficult making a decision on something so new but im sure if it has been offered then it must have a good outcome (especially with it being a combination)