CIS and watery substance??? pls help

Hi everyone

I posted here before about my symptoms and recent punch biopsy that came back CIS so I'm waiting for appointments for treatment/plans. Previously I have had post-sex bleeding, bleeding going to bathroom and pelvic pains. 

Over the past two weeks-ish I've started to have this strange water substance come out. There is a lot of it, enough to actually be running down my legs. Its pretty consistent with it happening a couple times a day (usually when I stand up). It has no smell or colour, just looks like clear water, sometimes with a streak of blood in it. Sorry for the TMI.

Has anyone else experienced this? What could this be? I can't find anything about this on Google, and I'm always told by you lovely ladies to stay off Google anyhow.


i have no idea on this.. Might just be a normal side effect of the CIS.. But I thought I'd reply to bump your post up for you xx