CIN's Developed Between Tests

Morning Everyone,

The only 'issue' that i have, that i cannot seem to get answered by looking online is the following.

I had my first 'invited' smear test in August 2015 (im 28) and when i had the smear done the nurse explained to me as i was lightly bleeding (pre period due to implanon) that my results would probably come back Inconclusive as the cells within the blood are larger than the cells from the smear that they need to test.

Results were in last week of August advising they were abnormal and to attend a colposcopy on the 4th September. Attended the colposcapy the ladies were amazing! She advised me its low grade anf she didnt believe anything untoward would come back, not to worry about the biopsy results etc etc

Saturday 19th September the letter came to advise that the cells were abnornal and were high CIN2 & CIN3.. What isnt making sense to me, and i cannot find anywhere is that (from what ive read) ladies get the abnormal result from the smear (as i did) go for colposcapy, biopsy and then treatment but i havent read anywhere where the cells develop to the higher CINs?

I will be going back on the 2nd October for treatment (i dont know what type as letter doesnt say) and i imagine, will they do another biopsy? Or treatment then another smear. Just a confused little lady given the different results between smear & biopsy.


Thanks for any help or info :)

I had the opposite with my results, I think the colposcopy is more accurate so I would go with that. Either way, at least they have found it at this stage and you can get treatment :)

Mine went from severe results at smear, to CIN2 at colposcopy then the LLETZ result showed no abnormalities! Weird! But I'm just happy it's done with, until next time haha. 

Good luck, don't worry yourself too much, LLETZ is a doddle, you will be feeling back to your normal self in no time, wondering why you were so worried! :) 

Rose x

Sorry I don't know the answersto your questions.

My story is, been having paps since 18 always been negative. 2011 I went for my pap and the dr seen a "red raw" spot on my cervix and immediately sent me for a colposcopy. Pap came back negative, the colposcopy wseen an abnormal blood vessel and that was it. They done a biopsy, pap and hpv test all negative.  6 month pap negative as was the 12 month. I got pregnant and had another smear 6 months after our son was born again negative.  A year and a half later Iwent to gp due to a period starting 5 days after I just finished one. She had me come back the day after bleeding stopped.  Test results were back quick. CIN3. I'm 8 months postpartumfrom another pregnancy so my immune system would be down and unable to fight infection.  I go for colposcopy ovt 1st.  My gp was horrible and said CIN3 is cancer scared me and told me not to ask questions I'd just confuse myself. So many questions that I have no answers to.  So i feel for you. Hope you can get the answers your looking for


The thing to remember is that the smear is a pretty small sample of cells, and can be a bit hit and miss. Yours may have been  made more so by the fact that you were bleeding at the time. The biopsies have more cells for them to look at and also they are taken specifically from the areas that the colposcopist can see look suspicious. It's not that unusual for the biopsies to come back with a different CIN level to the smear and it absolutely doesnt mean that your cells went from CIN 1 to 2/3 in a matter of weeks. It just means that the smear didnt grab any of the higher grade cells and the more targetted biopsy did, that's all.

Mine was much the same, borderline in the smear and the biopsies showed CIN1/2. Please try not to worry yourself about it having changed - the moderate/high grade cells were no doubt there when your smear was done, they just weren't visible in the sample.

At least you have your appointment, so they will sort them out for you now :-)