Iv just been told I have cin3 and booked in for hoop treatment. I have 2 boys and in complete panic mode. What happens after the treatment. Does this mean there a high chance I have cancer?

Hey :) I have also recently been diagnosed with CIN3 and felt exactly the same, i don't feel the hospital was very clear so i was a bit confused about everything but i've found this website really helpful. Don't get me wrong it is quite scary but don't be panicked. I had my loop excision on 11th feb, it was uncomfortable and obviously not very dignified but it was pain free and quick. I also had a biopsy which is sent off to check if the cells are cancerous of pre cancerous.  I felt quite emotional after the treatment and i began to worry about the results, it was a long day and i didn't really realise the severity until i got to the colposcopy clinic. The hospital had sent me loads of leaflets about differnt treatments but not anything specific to me so i was a bit confused. There is not a high chance you have cancer and nor me. But there is a chance and it is scary, but you have to remain positive especially for your boys and until you get the results you won't know. From what i have read it feels like a lot of people diagnosed with cancer have been diagnosed at an early stage and that makes me feel positive that even with a bad outcome i will be ok. :) 

Hi, I totally feel what you're going through!  I had abnormal results after my first smear test and was referred to go for a colposcopy.  I initially thought I'd have the loop excision as my appointment letter indicated that I would most likely have this treatment but when I attended the colposcopist said that she would just take a punch biopsy as I hadn't had any children yet (because it weakens the cervix).  However, yesterday I got the results from my punch biopsy and it's CIN3 but it was indicated in the letter that there was NO cancer!  I've got to go for the LETZ treatment on 21 March.  I will be glad when it is all over and done with but definitely made me very anxious having to wait for results.  However, to be fair they have been ok with timings:

22 January - Smear test

2 February - Phone call from GP to confirm abnormal cells found - direct referral for colposcopy from lab

17 February - Colposcopy appointment (punch biopsy taken)

3 March - Results from biopsy (CIN3) - First time that I've been told it's CIN3 as before that I was just told there's abnormal cells!

21 March - will be LLETZ treatment

I was given leaflets and information sheets about the LLETZ treatment with my original colposcopy appointment letter which were really helpful, papplepie, did you not get any info?

It is hard not to worry but try to keep busy to take your mind off it!  x