Hey I am 24 years old, I first got referred to hospital in 2012 through my doctor due to symptoms I had, on going to my hospital appointment they said I had abnormalities but did nothing and sent me on my way with no follow up, I have tried ever since to have smear test as Iv lost quite a few family members due to the dreaded C. Well I was refused every time but I got my invite for a smear and had my smear on December 2nd 2015 I had my results on 9th December that it was high and to call and book an appointment which I attended on 15th December, I was told during the investigation that I have CIN3 and need treatment now so I had LLATZ they couldn’t get all of the bad cells due to all of my cervixs being covered and they also took a biopsy and told me that it could be cancer, they have said I should get my results a week after Xmas, I’m so scared I have three beautiful children that are my life and the only thing that keeps popping to my head is say if it is cancer are my children going to have the mum. I haven’t been able to be normal I can’t walk far the pain is unbearable and Iv lost a lot of blood and have the shakes all day long Iv gone off of eating as much as I was I feel so drained and tired painkillers don’t seem to be working and I have felt faint all day is this all normal after LLATZ treatment? Could it be due to shock?

I just don’t know what way to turn

Many thanks x

Hi Laura :-)

It most likely is shock, both physical from the LLETZ and emotional from the fear of cancer. But hey! You haven't received a cancer diagnosis yet so let's not be too hasty OK? If it does turn out to be cancer, it sounds as though it's a very early stage and very treatable. There are lots and lots of women here who have been cured of cervical cancer because thankfully, it's a very curable cancer so please try not to worry that you won't be around for your children.

Be lucky :-)

You poor positive as hard as it is. Don't let the possibility of cancer ruin ur Christmas. I was told it's one of the most curable...and that's if...u get strong xxx