CIN3 waiting for lettz & Pregnant.

Hey guy's wasnt sure wether to post or not? I am waiting on an appt for lettz under GA. After having cin3 result in november. Tonight ( not had a period since before colposcopy in nov) i took a test i hadn't before as I assummed it was down to stress. Anyway its came back posative. I am now worried about what to do? Can i wait for treament will i need to get it treated a.s.a.p?? Thanks guys x x

hya hun, i am not 100% but i think you need to speak to your doctor. i think they may leave you if they can till after the baby as the LETTZ procedure can cause premature labour because it thins the cirvix slightly. only going off what i have read. it might depend how big the area and how far gone you are. sorry cant be more help. x

Hiya Stephanie thank you for replying. I rang them last week they got me in at end of month which im slightly worried about as thats adding another 4-5 week onto my pregnancy, and even then its just to have a look and decide if it's safe to wait or not. Its been driving me mad thinking as shouldn't they want to know how far along i am before telling me i can wait or not? The local dr wont see me just said get booked in with midwife which i did last week. I rang yesterday the receptionist said she has your details and will call you over next couple of weeks. I did state to them my last period so they know its doubtful i'm 6weeks or less, if that makes any difference. I'm just worried that if the consultant says its not safe to wait, i've got to wait again to find out how far long i am, and whats safe to do regarding treatment, as i have read somewhere it can cause problems with the baby and with labour as u mentioned. 

Sorry if i'm babling on, i havent really spoken to anybody about it, most people don't even know about the cin3 let alone pregnancy x x

aww hun i really feel for ya. did you say you rang the place you had colposcopy? i dont know if they will be more help than your gp. my local hospital has an early pregnancy unit where you can have early scand before your dating 12weeks scan if you have concerns or medical problems. really you should have had a scan by now anyway shouldnt you. so i would maybe look into that see if your hospital has such a department then they can date you before even considering treatment. hope that helps. x

Hiya hunny... I got a text message today reminding me of an appointment on wednesday 12th? news to me i was told end of month.. yes it was the place i had it done at that i rang aswell as gp. I didn't think to phone early pregnancy unit I might ring colposcopy and ask them if I should ring through to the early pregnancy dept to see if I should have a dating scan before I see them next week. its worrying as i know every week the babys growing..Im getting used to the fact of being pregnant again now so i am hoping they say its safe to wait..  just worried that i have read some people who have lettz after having cin3 biopsys get letters to state they need further treatment or have got cc  so worried if they do say its safe to wait when they havent even done lettz.. arrh be glad when its all over haha. xxx

awww let me know how you get on hun. x

Heya hunny, went yesterday wasn't my regular consultant she basically told me i was stupid and wants to see me in april then 8wks after and again until birth to keep an eye on it. I said well my colp was beginning of nov am i ok to still wait until april? And will i be safe waiting for treatment until after birth and she just said it doesnt matter we can't treat you whilst your pregnant, any more q's? In shock at the response i said no and she said ok goodbye! 

I got up and left i saw the sister who did my biopsys ect.. Told her what happened in there she wasn't happy so just said to me to go home ring dr's say you need to be refered for your dating scan a.s.a.p when you get a date ring me and we'l get you in to sort out your care with dr emovon my usual consultant.

So atleast when i go for my scan i'l get better help from them to what i got yesterday. Just a case of midwife ringing me that i also chased up again today as it's been over 3weeks since i first rang them explaining everything and that it was urgent. 


Arh how are you any way hunny? X x

just read this after replying to ya message. aww i cant believe that how rude some people can be. its there job to help us and make us understand and get through a stressful time. i cant believe that its taking them so long to get you sorted. have you got one of them dating pregnancy tests that might put your mind at ease a little bit.

i am ok thanks not been sleeping too well but trying my best. getting my results on the 27th so hopefully that will be me for 6months then. lol. keep me posted hun xx