CIN3 unclear margins

hi ladies


firstly thank you to all who congratualted me on me only having CIN3 and no cancer detected.


spoke to the clinic today and they said it was CIN3 with unclear margins. what the hell is unclear margins???


love sammie xx


When they try to remove the patch of abnormal cells they try to get clear margins, i'e normal cells around the edge. Unclear margins just means that the abnormal cells reach to the edge of the tissue which they removed. This sounds scary but lots of women on here have had unclear margins and their next smears are completely clear. The LLETZ procedure normally means the cells are destroyed (burnt) around the edge anyway. It normally just means that at the 6 months you may have a colp rather than just a smear

Hope that makes sense! I am sure someone who has had the same will come along to reassure you!


Thank you.

I knew it wasn't anything sinister but just didnt know what it meant.


No worries, they have a habit of not explaining the lingo!



For a smidge of reassurance I had CIN 2 removed with unclear margins (which I was secretly a bit gutted about, although obviously I was really happy for it not to be anything more sinister) and for my 6 month check up everything came back fine :) x x x

Hi I have exactly the same. Im' going in this Friday for a smear and if they see anything they'll do a biopsy. The unclear margins really worries me but after reading some of the ladies stories in here it brings things back into perspective. I'm so grateful is was nothing yucky and just unclear margins. I' eating really clean and juicing once a day. Fingers crossed for Friday. Try not to worry and yes so much easier said than done. When do you go back? Xxoo