CIN3 Unclear margins?? :(

I have finally got my results letter....Hooray I thought, some answers. OR NOT.

It says... It is unclear on the biopsy results whether CIN3 has been completely removed and I would like to discuss your results at our next multi disiplinary team meeting where histopathologists will take a further look at the biopsy and decide whether any further treatment is required. 

I AM SOOOOO UPSET! More waiting. I am so drained from all of this :( Just as I start to feel better, another set back comes along and now I'm just worried sick. 

Has anyone else experienced unclear results like this?

Hi Lisa
I’m going to echo what every lady that has replied to me has said… The waiting is the worst part!! (I’ve been waiting for over a month now!)

I can’t comment much on the same experience as mine is different … And alot further on than yours!
But the fact that it’s going to an MDT meeting is a really good thing… They will sit around and all the top people from the different fields will look at your results and decide what the best treatment is for YOU!
think of it as more brains are better than one… It’s also good that they’re not leaving anything to chance.
I know it’s hard to look on the positive side of things though.

I hope you’re ok, Em xx

Thank you Em. And you are so right, the waiting and worrying is the worst part. I dont care about the physical stuff anymore, its the emotions that really get to you. X