CIN3 Unclear margins?? :(

I have finally got my results letter....Hooray I thought, some answers. OR NOT.

It says... It is unclear on the biopsy results whether CIN3 has been completely removed and I would like to discuss your results at our next multi disiplinary team meeting where histopathologists will take a further look at the biopsy and decide whether any further treatment is required. 

I AM SOOOOO UPSET! More waiting. I am so drained from all of this :( Just as I start to feel better, another set back comes along and now I'm just worried sick. 

Has anyone else experienced unclear results like this?


Two years ago after a smear I received a letter saying that I had "borderline changes" - when I went in for my colposcopy they informed me that actually they were unsure of my diagnosis as the pathology report also showed severe abornomalities.   It was a bit of a shock.  Anyhow, back then they treated the CIN3 and at results showed it hadn't become cancerous at that stage.  The good thing is that the medical staff will be keeping a close eye on you and treating you for whatever it may be.  Good luck.