CIN3 treatment and work

Hi everyone, a week last Monday I went for a colposcopy, I'd previously had one in 2015 that came back CIN1 and all indications was that this would be the same but I'd be offered treatment anyway due to its persistence. However I've just had a letter through its CIN3, a bit of a shock to be honest, and I have an appointment on Monday at 10:40am for treatment. I'm assuming it will be lletz although the letter doesnt specify. My problem is I'm a teacher and it's supposed to be my first day back on Monday after the holidays! I'm really looking forward to getting back and am worried about how much it will effect me! The colposcopy alone gave me a week of headaches and cramps! Will I be okay to go into work after the treatment or will I need the day off? Monday is a training day so no children in.

Obviously my health is important and will definitely come first and I'm so glad this has been picked up, just wondrring how it's going to effect me? 


Are you sure you are going in for treatment?

Following a smear the usual process for me has been a letter with my results (CIN3 and high grade dyskariosis) calling me in for an appointment to discuss treatment. I think unfortunately the letters are pretty unclear which is unhelpful so you never quite know what to expect.

I only had treatment there and then on the spot when it was a small area that could be treated with loop. Otherwise I was called in for minor surgery.



Hello again,

For me the Lletz gave me a little pain but I was ok to go back into work. Sometimes I think the worry makes you feel worse than the actual treatment. I've had to have a few different treatments and I think as they have gone on I have recovered better, mainly because I knew what to expect and that it wasn't as bad as my mind had made it.

So try and distract yourself with nice things to hopefully ease the worry a little x

Thank you everyone, the letter said to discuss management and for treatment. 

 yeah im trying to keep it in perspective and not worry. I'm bett susceptible to anxiety anyway so trying to keep a level head. Planning to go straight back into work is part of that. Hopefully it will be okay by the sound of it.

Hello, I really dont want to worry you but if you are having lletz then they do suggest you take the day off.  I didnt realise i was going to have the lletz and was already to go back to work too.  The doc told me i shouldnt and was quite arsy with me and that I hadnt taken anyone with me to drive me home.  I found afterwards i was in tears and really upset and there was no way I could have gone back to work.  It might be worth ringing them to find out exactly what they plan to do.  Like I say I dont want to worry you but wouldnt like anyone to make the same mistake as me.  Hope all goes welll. xxx


Thank you, sat waiting to go in now. Work have advised me not to go back afterwards anyway so the choice has been taken out of my hands-- probably a good thing. Can rest up today and hopefully go back in tomorrow.