CIN3 treatment and work

Hi everyone, a week last Monday I went for a colposcopy, I'd previously had one in 2015 that came back CIN1 and all indications was that this would be the same but I'd be offered treatment anyway due to its persistence. However I've just had a letter through its CIN3, a bit of a shock to be honest, and I have an appointment on Monday at 10:40am for treatment. I'm assuming it will be lletz although the letter doesnt specify. My problem is I'm a teacher and it's supposed to be my first day back on Monday after the holidays! I'm really looking forward to getting back and am worried about how much it will effect me! The colposcopy alone gave me a week of headaches and cramps! Will I be okay to go into work after the treatment or will I need the day off? Monday is a training day so no children in.

Obviously my health is important and will definitely come first and I'm so glad this has been picked up, just wondrring how it's going to effect me? 

There's no way to tell how it will affect you individually, but for me I took two days off from work (mainly because I did it under anesthesia) and felt pretty good after that. No matter how you feel though remember to take it easy in the beginning because physical activity can contribute to infections and bleeding. I'm 2 weeks post LEEP and carry a supply of liners and maxi pads wherever I go. Try to refrain from exercise for at least 2-3 weeks (or whenever your post op appointment is). Try to take care of yourself emotionally, too. It can be stressful and be emotionally taxing and might leave you feeling somewhat tired/distracted afterward. 

How old are the kids? I'd advise against lifting/bending/running around too much at work if you can. Sit when you need to. And make your colleagues aware of what's going on in case anything unexpected happens during recovery (I recently went through heavy bleeding, it's rare but it happens).

You'll read some scary stories on here but I think the majority of women have a relatively easy time with it. Good luck! You're on the right path.