CIN3 then Lletz, has this ever developed further for anyone?


For the last 5 years since I was 21 I have suffered with bleeding I between periods and decidual casts whilst on my period.
I had my cervix cauterised in 2011 and continued to experience this.
I was first told I had pancreatitis because of the pain. This then turned out to be an ovarian cyst (after I managed to convince the doctors that I did not have pancreatitis)
My mother was a little tired of the doctors palming my problems off as they refused to do any further tests or a smear.
To cut a long story short after many months last year we finally managed to get the docs to do a smear for me (2 years earlier than my routinely one)
This came back as CIN1, I then had biopsies taken and it was infact CIN3.
I had Lletz treatment last week, they also found another area where they had not taken biopsies from which was a more “dense” area, so waiting to find out the results from that.
I was wondering if anyone has CIN3 and if this has ever advanced to something much worse after this or if it was cured completely?
Strange question, but a lot of concerns!

Hi, I’m more or less in the same situation you find yourself in.

I have CIN3, although I haven’t had the conization yet. My gynaecologist has assured me that a conization (in case there are clear borders and nothing else turns up) will be like “starting from zero”.

Good luck, and take care :slight_smile: