CIN3 servere

I was a year late in having a smear, when I got my results they came back abnormal, I was sent for a colposcopy and received treatment there and then and informed I had CIN 3 servere. I've waited 6 months and just got my latest smear results which came back normal with no signs of the hpv surely the virus itself doesn't just go but more concerning I was told I'd be on a 10 year and be closely letter states I will now not have another smear test until May 2017!!!!! Is this right? I'm confused shall I demand I'm checked regularly ?? Someone please help x 



First of all a clear smear is great news! There is no cure for the hpv virus, but your bodys immune system can fight it off and the fact that its showing as no sign of hpv means your body has done just that.

I think once you have a clear smear with no signs on hpv they put you back on 3 yearly smears as its the hpv virus that brings on abnormal cells. However I think i'd feel the same and want to be seen at least yearly for a little while with it being so soon after your treatment.


Hi guys im new to this. I had an abnormal

smear and been for a coloscopy and biopsies were taken without any treatment. This is first time ive been through this and feel like im alone as i dont know anyone thats had this either. I am now waiting for biopsy results. Im just so confused why i wasnt treated there and then?? I know i should have asked but i didnt think of these questions until i got

home! I got a bit faint and sweaty in there so wasnt quite myself


i look forward to someone's reply.

thanks for reading 


Hey there! I’m new to this site however I have dealt with this for 11 years now.
In my opinion, I would definitely ask for a second opinion.
What did your dr do at your appointment to clear up CIN111? My specialist says 2 clear tests allows you to go one year and then a pap… I would look into it as it sure is not something to take lightly.

I was told at my colposcopy appointment on 23/05/14 that the quidlines have changed for annual smear where people have recieved treatment for CIN 2&3.

Once you have a normal smear this will go back to 3 yearly testing. at the same time of the smear you will be tested for the high risk HVP virus. If you test positive for the virus you will be invited to an appointment with colposcopy for closer examination (even if your smear test is normal <- in my case)

if you don't have abnormal cells or have a current high risk HPV infection, you are not required to have an annual test and that the 3 yearly smear test is adequate for someone 'healthy'