CIN3 Result. Why am I still so stressed?!

Hi hi all, ok so I went to my GP on Friday (1 week after my Colposcopy and biopsies) because I was driving myself mad with the wait for the results. He looked on his computer and could tell me it was CIN 3. I half expected because of the result to hear from the hospital regarding treatment asap but nothing yet. Is it ok to phone them and explain I know the result now and can they tell me what they plan to do and when? But in a nicer way than that came across :) Finally, I'm still really stressed even though I know its CIN3, is this normal? And after the treatment will that be sent for testing too? I suppose I'm just impatient by nature!


Thankyou for reading and sorry for rambling


Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty

Of course it's normal to be stressed, it's a very scary time! For CIN3 they will usually do a LLETZ procedure, or maybe in some cases a cone biopsy. I think they do still send it for testing after this procedure too, but if it was anything more serious than CIN3 I'm sure they would have picked this up on the original biopsy they took during your colposcopy.

CIN3 is abnormal cells, which left untreated can sometimes turn into cancer, so CIN3 by no means suggests that you have cancer, but they need to get rid of it to stop it potentially developing.

I don't think you are being impatient I think it's totally normal to want to get things resolved ASAP!


Thankyou :) I feel a little more at ease. If I don't hear anything in the next few days I'll give them a quick ring xx