CIN3 on Immunosuppressants

Hi, all. I thought I would drop a quick post here and see if any of you can help ease my mind a bit.

I had an abnormal pap just over a year ago, came back as ASCUS. They did a colposcopy with biospies because I'm on immunosuppressants and am higher risk. This all came back as HPV but nothing more. I had a pap a year later, this last October, and was told I had abormal cells and couldn't rule out a high grade lesion. I went back for another colposcopy and had four biospies, one of which came back showing severe dysplasia. I'm scheduled for my LEEP in about 6 weeks and have several concerns.

First, I'm confused as to how I went from nothing to severe dysplasia in one year. This now has me concerned that the dysplasia could develop into cancer in the year since my last appointment. That or they missed the abnormalities on my last pap and now it's had two+ years to develop. Does it always take 10+ years to turn to cancer?

Second, I had the biopsies done about a month ago and I'm still spotting every 3-5 days with mild cramping. I got checked two weeks after the biospies and was told all was good and now my doctor wants to switch my birth control pill which I do not want to do. I've gotten along well with this pill while the others made me incredibly emotional. Has anyone else had bleeding issues after just the biospies? I take the pill continuously for a couple of months before having a period and I'm thinking maybe I'll have one now to see if I can't "shock" my system back to normal and stop the spotting.

Third, so many posts I'm reading say that sex isn't the same after LEEP and bleeding is continuous for months or years. Are there any of you who have had positive experienecs after the LEEP recovery? I'm already struggling with the spotting I'm currently experiencing and while I'm in a loving, long term relationship, I would really like to have sex at my own free will with my boyfriend and not feel useless in that department.


Any words of encouragment would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

amos0890 Hi There! I had a normal pap last year so when I went from my PAP this year and it came back with ASCUS I didn't think too much of it. Especially since my doctor was under the impression it would be nothing at all. Turns out, I had CIN 3 so I too was confused how I could of went from a normal PAP to CIN 3 in one years time with a healthy immune system to boot.  Either something on my pap last year was missed or it developed really quickly! I was also pretty worried about it! HOWEVER, with that being said, it's very important to remember that a significant percentage of women with CIN 3 will never go on to develop cervical cancer. It would just be unethical for doctors to "wait and see" when we're dealing with severe dysplasia, so they treat it. It's also highly treatable. 

I can't provide any feedback about the bleeding after biopsies as I experienced very minimal bleeding, but I can say that I experienced no lasting issues from the LEEP. I bled lightly for a couple of weeks and sex has been completely normal since then. I had worked myself up regarding the LEEP and it actually went way easier than I thought it was going to! 

Best of luck! I hope the spotting stops soon for you! Keep us posted :) 

Thank you!! I honestly was not worried about the post-recovery until I started reading stories on here. That's what I get for looking too far into things! I hope the LEEP takes care if things for me as well and that my medications don't mess me up too much. Hope you're doing well, thanks again!