CIN3 now have HPV infection

Can anyone help me and help me find clarity. I cant talk to my family as they are just as scared as me. Has anyone else had CIN then HPV infection??

Basically whats happened is:


30th June 2014: Turned 25

4th July 204: Had first ever smear

9th July 2014 : Letter stating i had abnormal smears

30th July 2014: Colposcopy

12th August 2014: Bipospy to see what stage the cells are at

9th Sept 2014: Results of Biopsy CIN2

24th Sept 2014: The cells taken had grown to CIN3 and had LLETZ treatment that day. they took 17mm of my cervix out.

after the LLETZ i had an infection that went on into early Novemeber time and then went away with antibiotics and advised to come

back and have smear done in Feb 2015

6th Feb 2015: Smear done

14th Feb 2015: Smear result i have HPV Infection but cervix smear was normal. I now have a colospy and biopsy joined appointment

on 25th March 2015.


What does all this mean?? has anyone else been through the same thing where they have CIN then HPV infection? I have no gential warts

and have been check and seen and i do not have any does that mean its the other type of HPV?

I am so scared and confused.






Hi Scruzie

I have read that it can take a while (up to 2 years I heard?) to clear the HPV infection. I was not tested for HPV but my consultant said that if your cells are as far as CIN3 it is assumed that you do.

Anyway, I expect that they want to do a really thorough job and check you over as you are still showing traces of HPV on your smear. Hopefully it will just be a checkup and possible biopsy if any areas show up on close inspection. I am sure you really do not fancy another colposcopy so soon, however be positive that they are monitoring you for the best possible outcome

I'm I am due back in July for the 'test of cure' smear. I am trying to be healthy and boost my immune system but I get the impression you just have to give the virus time to clear off and be monitored in the interim.

Hope it all goes ok. Do come back and post what happens as there are lots of us wondering the same things!


Hi there,

thank you for your reply. its so difficult as i know i am being a bit parandiod at the moment as i am not even sure what HPV i have? I read on the NHS website that there up to 40 diffrent types of HPV its only 16 and 18 that are deemed cancerous.


I will keep you updated though, im trying to look at everything but my family are very worried as this is happening again but i have to stop thinking that its the same thing because its not. I dont know what it is untill i go to the doctors i supporse.


Keep you updated x

hi there,


ive been diagonsed with HPV 16 or 18. which means that the precancerous cells have returned (not sure yet at what stage i am at untill the biopsy on the 25th March) . Yes i can have them treated but how many times will i have to do that before i have to have to have my cervix removed as your cervix is only so big and it can keep coming back and tun back into CIN3 the same as what i had removed last time.


I am thinking of having it all removed the lot - cervix and womb. I am so lost i just think that i cant go through those procedures all the time and looking over mt shoulder to wait and untill it turns into cancer?


Any advice would be really welcoming



Hi i had CIN3 in june last year there was no mention of HPV, i got colposcopy result came back CIN (no cancer), i had a follow up smear in december got my result in January changes need another colposcopy meant to be yesterday,  i phoned my surgery and the nurse said that my smear was ok but i tested positive for HPV.  i got a letter last week saying that my appointment at the hospital yesterday has now been cancelled and i have to wait another 4 weeks, i just wanted this looked into i dont know wot HPV i have but i dont see any genital warts i keep checking myself


roll on next month so i find out what the outcome is, the hospital gave me very little info the last time

good luck



hi all,


thanks for all the replies. if you see your nurse she should be able to tell you what type you have thats how i found out that i have either HPV 16 or 18. hes it is true the HPV virus can take up to two years to clear providing you have a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke and do not become in sexual contact with where you have contracted the HPV (not that we would know anyway as men are not tested and you could have had it for many years as there are no sypmptoms) it also helps if you have a good immune system to fight the infection.

i smoke, i am not that particular healthy - i drink and eat takeaways like any other 25 year old however the reason why i am wprried is because my immune system is very week. i am a chronic astmatic, in and out of hospital for chest infections, tonsilitis i even had swine flu when that came round and illergic to all the most common antibiotics to treat chest infections and most 'normal' infections that your body would usally fight. i am also illergic to penicillin. ive had phnemonia 4 times in my life and i have thrush and cystitist more times in a year than i can remember. i even got an infection from my last LETZ/LOOP treament and biopsy.


i am worried my body wont fight the infection of HPV. i am now in two minds as to have everything out amd just be done with it.


please i am so desperiate for advice xxxx