Cin3 no treatment


In October 2022 I had a smear that came back abnormal and I was sent for a colopscopy and the results were cin3.

I was advised that at the moment they would do no treatment and I would just come back in a year for another smear.

I feel like I have been advised wrong by the hospital as I see that people with cin3 are getting immediate treatment for it as it seems essentially 50/50 if it will advance or not.

I have booked in my next smear test now and I’m so scared And worried.

Should I have been offered treatment as soon as they found cjn3 ? Have I been stupid not to research this myself sooner and I should have pushed for treatment?

Are you based in the UK? Also, what is your age? Maybe if you are too young, they wanted to follow a watch and wait approach. Do you smoke? Also, i know in the uk they treat cin 3 when found.

Yes as red onion has said we’re you young wanting children? Did they do a punch biopsy to confirm cin3 or was it lletz as lletz is considered treatment but then I’d have thought you’d have had a test of cure at 6 months so doesn’t sound like you had that. When are you booked in for smear? If you are in the U.K. I would speak to your gp and ask if they followed government guidelines at colposcopy last year (you can find these online I’ll try find the link) you could request your notes from your gp or if they won’t help send a form to your hospital to access your medical records it takes a couple of weeks but worth it to find out everything anyway, they send it via email watch out for accesstodate email. You could also complain to PALS complaint dept at the hospital not sure how it would work with it being last year but they might be able to get a nurse to contact you.

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