CIN3 No further treatment? Confused. (children mentioned)

Hello Everyone

Im new here so bit of background from me:

I am 24 with a 6 year old child. Had my first smear a few weeks back. Came back with high risk HPV and borderline changes. I went for colposcopy and had loop excision. Copy of the letter sent to gp said during colposcopy acetowhite was identified to a high density extending into the cervical canal. Biopsy results said CIN3 but no sign of CGIN. Spoke to gynacologysts secretary today who told me they are discharging me back to gp for smear in 6 months. I asked were all the cells removed during biopsy and was told yes. Why didn't anybody tell me this? Why does the letter say only a small loop excision was performed if the cells were of a high density extending into the cervical canal? I am so confused as to why nothing has been explained to me properly. What do they expect to happen in 6 months? For everything to have gone back to normal? 

Any advice would be very much appreciated. 


Thanks ladies x

When they do a loop they do where the dye shows white and ypu maybe had a clear margin from the loop so got all cells, try not to worry your self xx