CIN3 NO CLEAR MARGINS- any advice/experience

Hello lovies.. me again..


I am sorry for all my posts however I find great strength and kindness hear and it helps. Laughing

I had a call from the colposcopy nirse who advised that the Dr has written to me with my results stating I have CIN3 but no clear margins. She said the Dr is not to worried but I will need to go back in six months for further colposcopy.


Is it normal to wait 6 months when you have CIN3 and no clear margins? what if it becomes worse in 6 months?


have any of you experienced this at all?


Feeling relieved and confused all at the same time



I can't speak from personal experience, but a lovely lady I met on the forum, who had her treatment at  the same time as me, had exactly the same results as you.

She was also CIN3 and was told by her GP that the results came back as margins not clear. She was a bit surprised but she too has been asked back for a 6 months colposcopy, so I guess that is standard practise.

Everything I've read seems to suggest that the timescale for CIN3 to turn into anything worse is measured in years rather than months, so I guess it's OK to wait for a bit and see what happens. I don't suppose they would wait 6 months if it was too risky.

Hope that helps!


Hi Moggsy

thanks for your response.. I suppose you are right, I am just happy that I do not have to wait anymore and a weight feels as though it has been lifted! I will be having a large glass of wine tonight knowing that I will sleep a little better :-)

I will be staying on the site to see if I can offer any help as so many have done for me.



Hi, im so glad to see your post. i recently had a cone bopsy, and for fetility purposes my Doc tried to take as little as possible,

however my results then also came with unclear margins Cin 11/111, im dissapointed, but i guess its okay. i have a follow up

scheduled for 3 months post op.

All the best 

Hi rigby

hopefully somebody will be able to tell us more (with experience) but lucky you for having a 3 month follow up.. at least you dont have to wait as long..




I am the lovely lady referred to in earlier post (thanks!).  I have Lletz for CIN3 back in July this year - when I went to see my GP to discuss the results I was told that one margin was clear and the other wasn't.  My letter from the hospital suggested that they still think they have removed it all however and so I am trying not to worry about it.

I am due back for a repeat smear after 6 months (in January) so will see what the results say then.  I posted on here recently and was told that sometimes even with clear margins there can be  reoccurance, and also without clear margins it can disappear.  So it really is a wait and see.  Rest assured (like I am) that if they were worried they would check you earlier.  They allow 6 months as apparently it can take that long for the cells to regenerate - if they tested earlier they may get a poor result which just means more worry and excessive treatment.

You are in the system now so will be checked until they are happy.  They can do another Lletz usually without any issue if they need to.

Keep positive and stay in touch (I will let you know how it goes for me next year)




Hi Kays

thank you for responding, I am hoping to receive my letter today as I was given the infomation over the phone. I am planning on staying on this forum to hopefully help and reassure others but also so that I can keep in touch with all the lovlies that I have met along my journey.


Love and light and suppose we will all catch up in 6 month s :-)

Hi ladies. One more snippet of info that may put your minds at ease. When they do the Lletz they obviously remove a chunk of tissue for testing. However the skin left behind is also burnt in the process.....for I guess a few mm. They obviously cannot test this tissue as it is inside You. It is entirely possible though (and likely) that the dogdy cells have been destroyed in the Lletz. There's no point in them taking more to confirm this! as it's highly likely to be fine. They have to wait 6 months to allow healing so that they can do another colposcopy, otherwise you can get false positive  results. does that make sense? As an extreme example, I had 1B1 cc. this was diagnosed with a Lletz, there were unclear margins. when I had my trachelectomy (cervix removal) they found NO cancer cells. Even though I had unclear margins the edges of the cancer where still destroyedin the Lletz. So rest easy and take good care of your health in and 6 moths time it's very likely you will be clear xxxxx 

Thanks for the info Nellie. Now i want my smear at 6 months instead of 3 to allow my body to heal ! :) although i have unclear

margins are all sides, although D&C was clear, but High risk Hpv, so maybe they just want to monitor it.

Best of luck Ladies. 

thanks nellie for this info it is very reassuring x

Hi. I have been diagnosed with severe pre cancerous cells (cin3) but I'm to have a loop biopsy on the 25th of November? So a quick treatment plan? May be as this has been going on since feb of this year when my first abnormal smear came back. Hope this helps.