CIN3 misdiagnosis? Treatment options

I’ve just received my letter following my case being taken to the multidisciplinary team meeting. Initially they found borderline changes on my smear and cin3 at my colposcopy (2 biopsies taken). They’ve now reviewed it all at the MDT and reclassified the biopsy result as cin2 but confirmed the smear was only borderline.

I’ve now got an appointment on 30th November to meet with a nurse colposcopist to discuss management options and possibly have lletz loop procedure done then and there. I’m just wondering why I’m going in to discuss it first and not just telling me I’ll be having this treatment done.

I made it clear before that I don’t want children so conservative measures aren’t necessary. Would they possibly suggest I don’t have treatment as it’s now only cin2?

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this letter to hopefully end this awful limbo I’ve been in but now I’m just confused and there’s more waiting.

Has anyone else had a similar situation or may have some insight? I feel like I’m losing my mind with worry.