CIN3 - LLETZ treatment over 2 months after results of Biopsy?

I found out I have CIN3 on the 7th Jan and not through a letter but through another doctor at the hospital who I had visited for fertility problems. She actually thought I knew as well which obviously I didn’t and I cried.

The Biopsy was taken on the 15th December and I was told I would have a letter and the results in 3 weeks. As I hadn’t had anything I had actually assumed maybe everything was okay so it was quite a shock to be told I had CIN3. The doctor I was seeing on the 7th went off and called the Colposcopy department and they told her a letter was in the post and out to me that morning.

Then I waited and waited and waited and waited! Nightmare! Dreading what the treatment I would get would be, scared they might have to put me to sleep. It was a nightmare not knowing! It got to the 19th and I still had not gotten a letter so I called them. The woman I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about as she couldn’t access my information so she got someone to call me back. When they called me back they said that the appointment was made on the 18th and the letter had only been posted on then!!!

If they knew on the 7th Jan (or who knows who long before) that I needed treatment why was it only being booked then and not before???

The appointment was made for 23rd Feb (again why so long after they knew I had CIN3) and now I had to call them as I will definitely be on my period that day! Guess what they’ve done now? Pushed it back to the 1st March!

My mum has been speaking to a friend that works in that area but at a different part of the country and they try to deal with CIN3 treatment within 2 weeks apparently! and I’m sat left here for 2 months!

ANGRY!! Worried, annoyed!