CIN3, Lletz, Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Hi ladies,


I have been reading these forums for the last month now and found them extremely helpful.


I had my smear test in April.

Didnt think anything of it as have been under fertility doctor for last two years and undergone various tests/scans/bloodwork.

I was due to re-start fertility treatment but received a letter the day before stating I had mild cell changes and tested postive for high risk HPV and that I shouldnt try for a baby until I hhad been for a colposcopy.  For anyone who has been through the roller coaster of trying to conceive and fertility issues you will understand that this set back was beyond frustrating.


Went to colposcopy and got a little upset when the consultant told me that if he had to perform a lletz that we wouldnt be able to try for 6 months. 


Anyway, he had a look, said he could see a small area of transformation, nothing to worry about and that he would be completely surprised if I even registered as having CIN and he was 100% sure there wasnt any.  Then proceeded to take 3 punch biopsies and tell us we would get the results in 4 weeks.  This meant we would miss another cycle so I asked if I could get them sooner.  My husband and I were so relieved to hear there was nothing to worry about.

Anyway, the results didnt come so the day before I was due to start fertility medication I called and they said they had the results but that they couldnt give them me.  I explained that I was due to start medication tomorrow and it would mean losing a whole cycle.  The nurse called me back and said dont start the Chlomid, you have CINII and CINIII and I will need Lletz.


At this point I called my private medical insurance and arranged for a second opinion.  New Consultant did a repeat colposcopy and said straight away that over 50% of my cervix was clearly showing abnormal cells and that I would need a lletz.  He also took a detailed medical history (2 mc at 10 weeks, back pain, random bleeding, fibroid, mild endo, abdominal pain, heavy periods, frequent urination).  He suggested that whilst having the lletz that I have a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy to check what was going on. 

I had this done last week.  He said, he thinks he got all the dodgy cells out but also had to do a D & C and take womb biopsy.  He also reported no endo (surprised as my old consultant said I had this) and he also found that I had a "whacking great big fibroid attached to back of my uterus".  It was too big and in a too difficult location to remove.  He is referring me to a specilaist as he beleives this will have to come out in order for me to carry a baby.   He also said removing it would stop me needing to use the loo every 30 minutes.


I am currently waiting on all Lletz, fibroid biopsy and womb biopsy results, we have an appointment to discuss all these and a treatment plan, including removal of fibroid in two weeks.


I am really concerned to be honest, I cannot think straight, struggling to sleep and finding it all a little overwhelming.  What if this fibroid is not benign? I know for certain that it has been there a minimum of 18 months and has grown 2cm in that time.


Has anyone any experience of this?  Any words of advice?  We are due to meet with our new fertility consultant next week and I just feel all this is putting us even further back.


Sorry for the really long post, I guess alot has happened since April and I needed to get that off my chest.




Hi En,

i do not have any advice for you, I just wanted to acknowledge that I have read your story and that I know how hard the waiting part is. Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel much better when you have some answers and can plan ahead. 


Hi Mitch,


thank you for taking the time to reply. I am sorry to read of your diagnosis.  Wishing you the best of luck for August 4th and a speedy recovery.


My consultant's secretary called this morning, my results are in.  I am meeting with the consultant to discuss them on Monday morning.


Quite fearful if I am honest.


Any questions I should have prepared and ready?


thank you