cin3 lletz ascus and stone like lump on cervix

From the beginning.  smears done every 3 years all were normal. Then June last year  I went for a routine smear and coil fitting post having 2 babies  and  the coil was a nightmare to fit took 3 doctors and severe pain.  Smear done excessive bleeding. Bkeeding between periods and painful sex simetimes blood. A week later results were cin3 6 weeks later went to colposcopy who did lletz and 8 weeks later biopsy revealed cin 2 unsure of margins but 6 monthly hospital smears to follow. During next 6 months alot happened mum had stroke etc and I didnt get to hospital just went to doctors for a standard smear which came back ascus (borderline squamous cell changes) constant pain in pelvis but told come back in 3 years??? I now have very heavy discharge extremely painful periods and a pea sized stone like lump on cervix ( mine is low so I can feel it was all smooth and soft but for 5 months not) and other rough areas. Doc wont repeat smear but have lower back pain and swollen glands hip and leg pain in left. Scared  that its progressed to  cancer as before smearI douched and later read that can wash cells or give false nnegative smear results.  Cant change docs life is rubbish at moment as hubby seeing another woman and cant cope with this too. Please tell your stories and give advice xx

You seem to be going through the mill at the moment so have a great big virtual hug to start with.

First off if you have constant pelvic pain I would not be satisfied with 'come back in 3 years' the pain may not be caused by problems with your cervix and should be further investigated to find the cause, you dont have to just put up with the pain and I would recommend you press your gp for a gyne referal. The lump and roughness you can feel on your cervix may well be scar tissue from your treatment, if they were there when you had your last smear and nothing was noted about them its likley the case, any unusual lumps,cysts or polyps are normally noted or further investigated. If they werent there when you were last examined then get them checked out!

Do you still have your coil fitted, this could be the root of some of your woes. Try not to worry too much about things having progressed to cancer, the biopsies taken during a lletz give a much more accurate picture of what is going on than any smear you  have had, if all of the cin2 was removed its unlikley that you would suddenly develop invasive cancer. 

Thanks. The hard areas weren't there when I had smear. I told a different duty doctor but she said most likely just a polyp.