CIN3, LETZ & Health Anxiety - Please help!



I’m an absolute nervous wreck at the moment so wanted to share my story in the hopes that someone can offer me some advice / reassurance. Apologies for the length of the post :( 


I better start by saying that before any of this happened I was already on a waiting list for therapy for the health anxiety I’ve been suffering with for the past 2 years. My biggest fears being getting a life-threatening illness or one that stops me from being able to have children. 


I’m 24 and had my first ever smear test on 7th July. I’d not noticed any unusual symptoms so didn’t give it a second thought afterwards to be honest and was completely shocked when 3 weeks later I received a letter saying that ‘high grade (moderate) abnormalities’ had been found and I had to go for a colposcopy. 


I had the colposcopy on Monday (7th August) and the nurse said it actually looked like CIN3 - so severe, not moderate like my smear said. 


Because she could see it would need treatment and I was so upset and anxious about the results, she agreed to do the LETZ there and then without waiting for a biopsy. 


She did say that my cervix looked perfectly healthy and she couldn’t see anything that looked more sinister than CIN3 - but I’ve seen so many posts on this forum of people who found out after their LETZ that they had cc, and I’m absolutely terrified. 


Since the day after receiving my smear result I’ve also developed pain in my left side groin which has moved around further into my stomach and the opposite way to the front of my thigh. It’s intermittent and fairly mild but is really worrying me as of course I’ve seen that it can be a symptom of advanced C. I’ve also had lower back pain on and off for a long time, particularly after walking / standing for a long time and this has also gotten a lot worse since receiving my letter. Praying this is just anxiety/stress related but of course I go to worst case scenario :(


I’m now waiting for the results of my LETZ and it’s absolutely killing me - I feel constantly on the verge of a panic attack, tight chest / hard to breathe, nauseous and have a really awful feeling that something terrible is going to come back. 


If anyone can offer me any reassurance or advice I would really appreciate it. Have many other people had CIN3 that was just CIN3 and got removed fine etc? 



Hello Holly So sorry you are feeling so rubbish, i cant answer your question at the moment as I am also awaiting results, I too was given the high grade (moderate) abnormality smear and had a lletz treatment 2 weeks ago today.  I am not normally an anxious person in fact i would say the opposite quite a tough cookie but  I too was really worried an upset by the whole thing.  if you are naturally quite anxious then it would be even worse bless ya.  Can you get anything from the doc? I saw a lady doctor after mine as i was waking up with like panic attacks thinking about it all, she gave me some beta blockers which have helped.  Also 11 days after treatment i got loads of blood and period like pain, thought it was a period as I hadnt had one since june but think it was just a result of the treatment.  I also had chunks coming out of me (sorry tmi) but if this happens to you I think it is quite normal so it may help you not to worry. im not sure about the pains you are getting but I do think that CC at worse case scenario is very treatable and so hopefully we will be ok.  I am really worried about my results too and the waiting is horrid.  Once i get my results I will let you know.  I am feeling a lot better now after 2 weeks so hopefully you will too.  Take care sending hugs hope you start to feel better soon. xxxx

hello Holly, I had my results yesterday and am in the clear although i was at Cin 3 as originally thought.  Best of luck xx


Hi Jenny,

thanks so much for your reply and for updating me on your results - really pleased everything was clear for you! 

So are you just back in 6 months now? 

what did your letter say if you don't mind me asking? and did the colposcopists say it looked like CIN3 when they did the LLETZ? 


Holly xx

Hi Holly, the letter basically said it was CIN 3 as expected and no sign of cancer.  The Doc who did the procedure said very little really and I wasnt even sure what they did until afterwards.  I am now back under my GP for a smear test in 6 months.  Really good news but I am now finding i am worried about that !!  Considering what some people have been through on this site I consider myself very lucky but its still hard .  I really hope you are starting to feel a bit better and will improve as time goes on.  I found emotionally I felt better after about a week and a bit but then the physical side kicked in with the bleeding.  That went after a couple of days.  Im now fed up with wearing time of the month ugly knickers and pads so know i am feeling better LOL.  Take care. xxxxx

Hi Jenny,

Not sure if you're still checking the forum but thought I'd let you know I got my results this morning and I'm also in the clear! Biopsy confirmed CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3 - no sign of CGIN or cancer. I cried my eyes out with relief ha. 

Thanks again for your messages and well wishes, so thankful and happy that everything worked out ok. 

Take care!

Holly xxx