Had a smear with high grade and went for coloscopy, yes its cin3, but couldn’t do procedure because cervix was too bulky, I’ve had 4 children. Had to wait for appointment for general, dropped off system and only found my notes when I chased it up. Went in for procedure, no room on ward forms so put me on a cancer ward. People actually during of cancer in beds next to me. Staff on the ward don’t even know why I’m there,terrifying! When consultant eventually finds me, I’m so relived to see her I don’t ask her anything. Taken down for procedure and made to walk in gown from ward to other side of the hospital with all the visitors gawping at me,nice. Came round from procedure, huge amount of pain, never saw consultant again, staff on my ward have no idea if this is normal because its not their area. Took myself off home. Totally groggy for over a week. Second week feeling better, start of third week uncontrollable bleeding and huge clots. Phoned the doctor - expect bleeding like a no its much much worse than a period. Finally got to see a doctor ( this was nearly impossible) she says might be an infection or a blood vessel not sure but dissent want to look to check. At this point i can barely stand im so weak.didn’t even check my blood pressure. Got antibiotics. Three days later bleeding is much lighter so long as I literary don’t do anything. I called the consultant , her secretary says go to a and e if its bad again. Really our a and e is rubbish could be sat there for 10 hours before they do anything. She did this to me, sort it out!! Ifeel so depressed, like I have no one to turn to , I have exhausted all routes and just fobbed off I’m scared to move in case the bleeding starts again. Wish I had never had it done. And I don’t even have the results,I predict they are lost.