CIN3, delays, and what is the best treatment, LLETZ, Cold, or laser?

Hi lovely ladies. Firstly let me thank you for all the experiences people have shared, I am happy to add my ongoing story.

On the 15th April I had my smear - it was reported on the 1st May. It took until the 13 June for my letter to arrive with low grade dyskariosis and positive for HR HPV. I was offered an appointment for the 24th July for my colposcopy! I managed to (fight with my GP) and get referred to my local hospital which offered me an appointment for the 4th July. They took biopsies and found I had CIN 3, I haven't got the letter yet (guess they need to do the MDT first)

However, this hospital only has an MDT once a month! Which means the soonest I will be discussed will be August, and then I will probably be into September before I get treatment, a 6 month turn around, and then more time for healing.

I'm really sad because I am flying to the Americas at the end of this month (July) for my fertile week because I was going to try for my first child. However, now I do not know when I will be able to do this, probably not until the end of the year! 

I feel very let down by the long waiting times, and my partner and I are so keen to get pregnant this year that I am now considering going private.

I know LLETZ is offered on the NHS. However, I wonder if I went private how the other methodologies such as cold treatment or laser compare to the LLETZ in terms of stenosis, healing times and possible complications?


Hey hun, 

I hope you are alright, I have gone though pretty much the same time scale with everything as you have.. I also had been told that I have/had CIN 3. 

I just had LEEP on Tuesday 9th July. I felt the injection which wasnt as bad as I was expecting..  the pain on a scale of 0 to 10 was a 2.. practically no pain at all and I didnt feel the electrical hoop used to take away the damaged tissue so to speak... unfortunately they say it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal and my doctor said that I wouldn't be able to have sex for thr first 2 weeks provided there was no bleeding... and after two weeks would have to use a rubber until fully healed. 

Also, of you are pregnant before having the procedure they can't do it until after the birth of your child... 

It is up to you if you try for a baby before treatment but I would recommend to avoid complications that you wait until after treatment and you are fully healed and had your follow up pap smear 6 months after treatment..

I know it is a long wait and very disappointing but it will be worth it in the long run  to make sure that both mummy and baby are healthy and happy during the pregnancy. 


I hope this helps darling xx