CIN3 concerns

Hi all I’m not too sure how to start this as I’ve never posted in this kind of forum.


3 years ago my smear results come back as abnormal with boarderline changes, I had a colposcopy which confirmed no treatment was required. I was told that the body can heal the changes naturally. I was also confirmed to have the HPV virus. 


I recieved my smear results last Monday and was told it’s CIN3, I have had a colposcopy already and had NETZ treatment to remove the cells. I’m awaiting my results and was told it would take two weeks. Naturally I’m terrified and concerned, I was wondering if anyone else has had similar results. The following was in my smear report:

Abnormal glandular (ENDOCERVICAL) cells with features suspicious of glandular neoplasia.


Severe dyskaryosis involving glandular crypts is also present.



Endocervical cells present