CIN3 colposcopy

Hi I have neglected my screenings my whole life except during pregnancy, which confirmed HGHPV and over the course of 7 years went from hsil on patio to ok to hsil about 6 or 7 times. The last test 11 years ago ended with colposcopy results ASCUS and smear of hsil. I didn’t follow up for 11 years… Now my colposcopy is CIN3 on outside of cervix and Endocervix.i go for leep in 5 weeks. I’m terrified it’s going to show invasive cancer. I have some glandular activity nuclear crowding significant increase in KI-67 AND P16 IS SOLID POSITIVE. Also I forgot to mention I have been bleeding in-between periods for months and 10 years started bleeding during/after sex and that’s never stopped. I didn’t know it was a symptom. Does anyone have a similar story and what were your reports after the leep?