CIN3, colposcopy and LLETZ - my experience

Hi everyone,


I've posted before regarding waiting for a colposcopy. I had my treatment 2 days ago and thought I'd share my experience. I waited 5 weeks from discovery of abnormal cells to my colposcopy appointment.

Upon entering the room I was greeted by 2 nurses and the Dr. The Dr told me that my abnormal results from my first smear had shown CIN3 and she was going to have a look to see if she saw any changes consistent with CIN3, if she wasn't able to confirm that visually she would take a biopsy for further investigation. She then asked would I be happy to go ahead with treatment if she found anything, I agreed and then followed instructions from the nurses to undress from the waist down (glad I wore a loose dress), hopped onto the bed w/ stirrups contraption and covered myself with the sheet provided. 

Then came the speculum which felt a bit bigger and slightly more uncomfortable than the one from my smear. She got the nurse to move the bed around quite a bit while she investigated with the coloscope(sp) felt some sensations that weren't entirely pleasant but the nurse was keeping me distracted by chatting. The Dr popped up and said she had found the abnormalities that were consistent with CIN3 and said she was going to start treatment. I got the shot of anesthetic which did sting and then it was mostly numb. I felt a bit of pressure and movement before the nurse applied the sticky pad to my leg and started the machine that sounded like a hoover. I didn't feel much during this but my entire lower body was shaking uncontrollably which was a bit upsetting but the nurse was lovely and reassurred that this is normal. I did feel 2 sharp pains before it was over and I'm not sure what that was as the dr did not speak about what she was doing at all and I couldn't see anyway because of the position I was in (almost upside down). As I sat up I saw 4 cups filled with my tissue, it struck me as a lot! I was left to get dressed with a sanitary pad, and when I got off the bed I could see the tissue sheet was covered in a lot of blood and I was still bleeding a bit.

I spoke with th Dr quickly, she said she'd write to me with my results (no timeframe) and I'd be back in six months for my next smear. And of course was informed no intercourse, tampons or swimming for 3 weeks. The whole thing took about 30 mins. I felt very faint and shaky after so I sat in the reception with my partner a cup of coffee and one muffin later and I felt much better. If you can I would recommend taking someone with you as it's good to talk about it and process what youve been told. 

I've experienced some cramping and watery brown discharge which feels no worse than a light period. I went to the gym the day after but took it super easy, light treadmill and cardio (nothing that would break a sweat) I know this might go against the advice but I need to keep active for my mental health. 

So right now I'm just waiting for my results, experiencing light cramps and I feel pretty positive about the whole experience. For anyone awaiting their colposcopy and or LLETZ I can safely say it's totally doable, nothing to worry and for me it just solidified the importance of smears and preventing adnormalities turning into something more sinister.

Hope this helps anyone who is worried.