CIN3 & CGIN at 25 yrs old

Hello All. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

In February 2013 I was invited to my first smear test, aged 25. My letter said I had 'borderline cells' so I had to be referred to the hospital for another test. I had a more indepth smear (think the term was a colposcopy). I had 2 women in the room with me, also my boyfriend by my side. The women were so supportive and just lovely. When looking through a magnified camera, the nurse was uncertain about the level or grade and had to get another opinion from a specialist. She came into the room and agreed that it was definitely high grade. The results this time came back as CIN3 and CGIN. I was mortified, as they initially said I probably have just CIN1 or CIN2. When I started googling CIN3 and CGIN, I was in tears. Learning that it was due to the HPV virus made me feel dirty. I just did not understand what all of this meant, forums found on google were telling me that HPV was linked to STD - which threw me, as I have had just 5 sexual partners in my life. My boyfriend did not know how to support my emotions at first and I found this really difficult. It wasnt until I asked the hospital on the day of my treatment (LLETZ) that I asked a ton of questions with my boyfriend by my side - reassured us both that it was not due to STD or anything like that.

Back to the treatment. This was done end of April 2013. I was worried about the LLETZ because a colleague told me she had let out an almighty scream which was uncontrollable when she had the needles to numb the area (inside). Yes, sounds horrendous - BUT... it was absolutely fine. Not a sharp pain that I had expected, more like a dull period pain. I worried for nothing. The smell was a little burny, but it was ok. Again, not as bad as people made out. The whole process was over with, in as little as 10 minutes. That included the 4 needles I had to numb the area, the lazer/burning, the cortorisation. They also used pads to dab inside (that felt like a strong period pain). It was over, and I was advised that I may feel dizzy due to the needles, but all was absolutely fine.

I took the rest of the day off work (highly recommend that). I had bad period pain symptoms, but also just very emotional. I was advised to not excercise for atleast 2 weeks. I was a little impatient and went on a cycle ride. That led to me bleeding alot, so pleeeeease do not ignore the doctors advice. I had to wait 6 months to see if the treatment was successful. That was the most difficult part for me. I was advised that over 95% of treatments are successful. I tried to get healthy, ordered a load of vitamins from Holland and Barrett to build my immune system even more, eat healthier, excercise often. This experience has even put me off processed foods and anything 'fake'. I try to prepare food myself now. Another big change I made was to come off contraception completely. I was on the contraceptive patch 'evra' for 2 years. Previous to that I was on dianette, and previous to that Yasmin. I read horror stories about Yasmin and thought - well, our generation are guinea pigs to some extent for these new contraceptives such as the patch. What harm is it doing to our bodies putting in false hormones. You may think my rationale is crazy, but I just want to be all natural. I have just been super careful about sex, as I want to have the 'all clear' before I get pregnant.

This experience has also made me want children sooner. Just incase I have reocurring CIN or CGIN. If that's the case I would rather have a hysterectomy and take everything away. Children 1st though (atleast 1). Am I over reacting?

6 months passed. I had my follow up smear in September. I was very excited about getting my results, hoping I would be in the 95% success rate. My results came back as 'inconclusive'. What does this even mean? Does it mean they didnt take enough cells? Or does it have something to do with the CGIN? Some forums say CGIN is on layers, therefore can result in inconclusive smears. I have been invited for another smear in December to allow the cells to rebuild???

I couldnt wait any longer. I paid to go private. I had a female health assessment done last week where they do a breat examination, internal examination and also a smear. I told the nurse my experiences this year, holding back the tears. She decided to do another smear, but took loads of swabs. She said that she definitely got cells that time, so will see the reults in 10 days. I am so scared about what the results will be.

It's the CGIN that's got me worried. Because it's not as common. Has anyone had the same as me? Both CIN3 and CGIN? How did your treatment go? Was it a success? How long have you had the all clear? I have been advised that I will need a smear every 6 months for the next 5 years, due to the CGIN. Is this something to be worried about? That's alot of check ups.

Does having treatment affect fertility or ability to carry a baby full term?

Any advise would be forever grateful :)


Hi All,


Just to give you an update. I had my results back from the smear at the health assessment i had done privately (Nuffield Health) and it came back negative. I am so happy that the treatment was a success. I am still going to stay healthy and continue taking the vitamins. I have been told that I need a smear every 6 months for the next 5 years. Although that's alot of checkup and slightly inconvenient, amd am EXTREMELY happy that they are keeping a close eye on me incase of reocurring CIN and CGIN.

One word of advise is - keep healthy and keep getting checked up. If you are scared or unsure, dont be afraid of annoying the professionals. I ended up going private so that I could get answers quicker. It's 100% worth every penny.

Good luck to everyone in the same boat as me. It's not a pleasant experience. Waiting for answers is the hardest part!


I'm really pleased that everything worked out well for u in the end after all that worry. They'll now keep a close eye on you with regular check ups so try not to worry anymore!! 

have a great day!!!!!!

xxx dons