CIN3 cause watery discharge?

Hello All, 

first post here - anyone had high grade dys and watery smelly discharge and it turn out to be ok?? 

Have you had a colposcopy/LLETZ? If yes, then it all depends on the type of smell. Watery discharge is common. Sometimes it can smell a little vinegary. If the smell is really off-putting and/or the discharge seems discoloured (yellow/green) then phone the clinic or your GP. To put your mind at ease: 


If no, then I'm not sure. If ever in doubt, go to the GP. 

I had foul smelling discharge for 8months before I found out I had cin3. I had swabs for all other infections which were negative... Since I had lletz the smell has not returned... So although it's unusual for CIN to cause symptoms, in my case it did. I had post coital bleeding too, which has also now stopped x