cin3 but nothing there (children mentioned)

Hi I am a 38 year old with two children aged 3 and 1 I recently had a smear with came back with severe dyskaryosis, I had a phone call from the doctor on wednesday evening 11th march by friday 13th I had the letters explaining and appointment was on Monday 16th March at the hospital for colposcopy and leep treatment. I was told that severe dyskaryosis needed leep treatment... I had the acid test first which showed no abnormalaties then they did the iodine test which again didnt show much, the consultant was called in and they still did the loop treatment.... the consultant said that the smear doesnt lie and if I had severe dsykaryosis then i have it ???? it could be thats its further up or glandular??? so now what ? do I wait for 6 months for the next smear or do i get notified of the results ??  Can anyone help with this there is loads about having cin3, but nothing about, nothing showing on colposcopy ? Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for your replies xx  


sounds very similar to me. 

I had loop done last Friday, for cin3- high grade dyskaryosi. 

They said I would get results in 4-6 wks. 

To make sure they had take it all away. 

Msybe the same for you??? 

Hi roxy thanks for the feedback sorry to be so personal but did they or you see any abnormalities with the acid and or iodine test pre loop?  they just said 6 months hospital led smear??  I am so bloody confused about it all xxx good luck with your results keep me posted about yourself xxx  

Hi my smear test came back CIN3/?cancer, I was fast tracked to colposcopy, when the consultant

examined me nothing showed up with the acid test and he said everything looked healthy to him.

He took two large biopsies to make sure and fast tracked these and the results came back CIN3.

No cancer.  Have to go back in six months for smear test.  Hope this helps.  Try not to worry, easier

said than done I know.



He did the acid, then said I am treating now. 

So I assumed he did see something. 

They offered for me to look at a screen, so I could see. 

But I chose not to. Otherwise I eould have that image in my mind. 

They then did treatment. With a local. 

then said I woold hear results in 4-6 wks. 

But most probably I would just need another smear in 6 months. 

so im hoping it's all done with now. 

ive done sooo much reading lately, and I generally feel this is all very common. 

Hope that's helped. 

Do ask me anything you want though, and I'll try and help. 


Roxi x

Magpie and Roxi your comments are just what I wanted to hear thank you so much ... like you done too much reading ... Doctor google is a vicious thing :) It is more common than you think .. I asked the doctor how many loop treatments they do in clinic a day she said if its a full day then 4/5 loop treatments think of that over 5 days thats over a 1000 loop treatments a year 


Thanks again ladies xx



How are you finding it since it treatment? 

period type pains nothing too bad and getting waterey leakage tinged with blood not blood stained if you get whati mean?!

Yes, I see what u mean. As that's exactly what I'm getting 

Roxi. How are you doing?  I'm now bleeding is does that sound right to you?  it's 11 days since loop? 


Hey, it's 14days today for me since treatment. 

i haven't had any blood... Is it spotting? 

If spottin that's fine, she said that to me when I was there. 

Anymore then contact doc. 

2 days ago, I had a ridicolous amount of discharge, to the point where I thought I had wet myself. 

Had that for a day and half, so went to the docs.

and was told, I had an infection in cervix. So now on anti biotics. 

Feelin okay, just emotional and hating the wait :-(((( 


roxi x 

No its like a period??? But I have the coil so it's not that!!!  Ohhh no the discharge thing is totally awful at least you have got yourself sorted it's just one thing after another....  I honestly think that the doctors should see you 14 days after treatment just to check in with you and chat to you about different things that are happening!!  hating the waiting with you xxx come on Roxi chin up and ((((( big hugs))))) x nicola x